The New Aged IV Machines

The developmental, medical field has come a long way since the first IV was created in the 1800’s. We have all sorts of fancy machines that help us get fluids, blood, chemotherapy, and more to our bodies. These days the IV machines do not only give fluids, but they also have added features like auto programming, on screen bar codes, comprehensive workflows, and auto documentation. The old days of manual anything is over with. When you think about the IV’s, we all saw our parents have and then think about the newest technology IV Infusion Pump it is such a significant difference. We are developing with the times.

Jumping right into the right part, auto programming takes IV machines to an entirely new level! This added feature protects the patient from potential keystroke errors by transferring the patients’ medication order directly to the pump from the EMR. This is known as auto programming, and this new technology is fascinating in the medical professional field.

Next, we must discuss the next best thing which is on screen barcodes. Not only does it simplify the integrated workflow, but it also allows you to associate the EMR to the pump with three simple steps. If you were using one of these innovative IV machines, all you would have to do is scan the patient’s wristband, scan the medication and then scan the pump. This allows for safely administering medication automatically that is programmed.

Comprehensive workflows are just as exciting. They are primary infusions, secondary infusions, order updates and much more. Plus, this is all done automatically with the click of a few buttons. This helps everything run smoothly eliminates miscommunication. It is a good thing when we can trust each other but it is even better when we can trust machines.

I had to save the best for last because this is probably thee the coolest feature these new IV machines have. They actually have auto documentation which allows you as a medical professional to spend much more time with the patient because you will not have to document everything manually. It will record automatically.

With all this being said, it is a great sense of accomplishment when the medical field eliminates human error by delegating the minuscule task to machines. If we are going to use IV machines we minus well use the best ones. If we could integrate some of these same automatic strategies to other fields like teaching and driving, we would be in an entirely new day and age. These new IV machines have come so far since the 1800’s and it is only going to go further. We are incorporating more automation into our everyday lives and this is a machine that has jumped miles ahead of its time. Patients will feel better knowing that human error has been eliminated even if it is just a little bit. And the patients will also like being and speaking with their doctors more because their doctors would have more time to speak to them.