Take Time for You First

If you want to be a happy and healthy, well-adjusted human being, then you should always take the time and effort to care for your own needs. In fact, you should put yourself first in life. This doesn’t mean you are selfish to do so. For example, when we board airplanes, the flight attendant gives us that pre-flight safety address. They say that in the event of a loss of cabin pressure, the oxygen mask will fall down in front of your face. They will say, “Place the mask on your own face before assisting others.” If you pass out from lack of oxygen, you won’t be helping anyone else. In order to be selfless and help others, you must first be selfish. You can only help others if you are able. To be able to help others best you must be sane and healthy. Therefore, your own needs need to be given the priority that they deserve. Here are some tips to look out for yourself.

Physical Health

Take time to exercise.  Whether you go to a gym, take a yoga class, workout at home or just walk, make time for exercise every single day.  Sometimes it seems like our lives can go from drama to drama and getting in some resistance training or cardio is the last thing on our minds. Make exercise a habit and as part of your day as brushing your teeth or combing your hair.

Diet is just as important as exercise to our overall health. When we are in a hurry, our diet sometimes suffers. We grab fast food or an unhealthy snack, because we don’t have time to prepare a good quality meal. Planning and prepping meals ahead of time will make meal time go quick. If you want a quick meal, grab for something healthy, like a bag of pre-cut stir fry veggies. You can buy a bag with about two large servings for less than $2 at any grocery store. At times when you are in a hurry, keep a supply of healthy snacks like fruits, nuts or cheese on hand.

Mental Health

Stress is insidious. It seems to creep in from every corner of our lives to make us miserable. Coping can seem like a full time job at times. You can do a few things to lessen the burden. Be sure to set aside some quiet time every day. Use that time to think or meditate, pray or dream. Whatever you choose to occupy your mind with is fine. Just turn off the noise and the distractions from the outside word, for at least a half hour a day.

Treat yourself to something special once in a while. For example, you could go to a day Spa, or visit Ticketmaster to get yourself tickets to a play, concert or sporting event. If you can, get away for a trip to rejuvenate the soul.


Good sleep is important to both our physical and mental health. Doctors recommend that we get 6-8 hours of sleep per day. If you have trouble sleeping, don’t drink caffeine within 4 hours of going to sleep. Try a melatonin supplement. It is a natural sleep hormone that is non-narcotic and non-habit forming. It can be bought over the counter.  It is best to take about 20 minutes before bedtime.

Make taking care of yourself a habit and life will be easier. There will be more of you to go around, for the people who care about you and rely on you.