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Why Do Humans Need Sleep

What should we do when sleepy? One of the answers must be sleeping. Yep, sleep is almost always we do at night. Normally, if calculated approximately one quarter of human life will be used for sleep. What exactly is it that makes us have to sleep?

After a full day’s work, our bodies need rest. One of the most effective forms of rest is sleep. The organs in our body such as heart, lungs, and kidneys will also rest while we sleep. Imagine, if you are forced to work a full day you will be tired of it? Your organs too, they need rest! But resting here does not mean stop working you know. If likened to when we wake the organ ran, then when sleeping organ we will walk.

Sleep is a natural activity of our lives, in addition to eating and getting relaxed or rested. Sleep will make you feel better, not just to improve mood, or prevent dark circles under the eyes. Healthy adults need ideal sleep time between 7-8 hours a day to give time for muscle and rest mind. While certain hormones can work only when we sleep soundly at night, including growth hormone. Because it is so important to sleep for our bodies, then we need to ensure our sleep is enough every night in order to get the benefits to the fullest.

In addition to resting, at night various hormones will also be active. Hormones are chemicals produced in certain parts of the body (usually hormones produced by organs, cells, or glands) to give orders to other parts. In other words, hormones are “post packs” that deliver messages and commands between cells one to another.

One hormone that is active when we sleep is the growth hormone. So, when younger siblings sleep, your body will send a message to your cell to grow and expand. Therefore, with enough sleep, you can grow taller and bigger. Then, why is there someone who sleeps for a while and a while? Normally, adults need to sleep between 6 and 8 hours a day. Indeed there are some people who feel quite by just sleeping for 2 to 4 hours a day. Actually this could be, but eventually the body will be tired.

In addition, lack of sleep can also cause you to feel tired, drowsy, lack of concentration, irritability, and trigger various diseases. But too much sleep is not good either. You can be quickly forgotten, susceptible to heart disease, stiffness, and obesity. So, sleep just enough yes