Use the Corset and it’s Health Effects

Despite being tortured and making breathing difficult, corsets are recommended by Waist Trainer and worn by people because they can make the stomach look flat. But the use of a corset can also affect a person’s health.

Corset is one tool that can torture and famous can cause pain in the body. But this stuff is still favored by many women, even now there are some men who also use a corset.

Use of a corset does have aesthetic benefits for those who wear it, such as a smaller waist, better posture, hips and breasts will look more contained and reduce waist size.

Because it is believed to make the body shape better, the corset has become a profitable industry and continues to be produced with various kinds of properties such as to improve body shape or for women after childbirth.

The problem that often happens is someone sometimes forget the bad effects that may be caused for a fashion trend.

Over time, the use of a corset makes the lower back muscles forced to contribute additional support and is aggravated by the tightness of the girdle used. This of course makes the spine stop growing because it does not get enough support.

Some horrible stories about the corset may have been heard by the public, like a girl died from shortness of breath or there is a heart pierced by her own ribs. But it is still difficult to ascertain whether it is really due to the use of a corset or not.

If using a corset for a long time then it could pose a risk. Presumably one of the most severe risks due to improper use of corsets is chlorosis (greensickness) with a whiteish-greenish trait caused by bile disorders. In addition, the corset also cause discomfort and pain in the abdomen.

Several other serious risks may also occur, especially if their use is prolonged and prolonged.

Usually the risks that appear are indicated by:

  • The decline in abdominal muscles.
  • The shift and disruption of the abdominal wall.
  • The intestines can be depressed.
  • The occurrence of compression against the chest cavity that can affect the stomach and liver.
  • Decreased lung capacity.
  • Physical abnormalities, for example, pressure on the abdomen can cause a lump in the abdomen.

The most important thing to remember before using a corset is to choose the appropriate body size, try to rest the body or stretch every use of a corset for several hours.

Practice short-breathing so that the intake of oxygen is not reduced, because less oxygen intake will later affect the function of tissues or organs.