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Tips on Getting the Best DUI Lawyer If you are ever involved in a DUI (driving under influence) or DWI (driving while intoxicated) scenario, you will need the services of a DUI attorney to get you out of this predicament. There work will be to keep you away from having to face such charges. DUI cases rarely end in court, as there are other accompanying activities which could cost you a lot. Those can be very expensive. Should there be a fatal injury or death as a result of the accident, you could be looking at prison time. It is not that hard to see how bad these cases can go. You need to select your criminal lawyer very carefully. There is a guideline to aid you in the selection process. The first thing to do would be to ask. You may know a lawyer, who knows a good criminal lawyer, so ask for their help. This is information that may not be freely shared and so it is for you to get it. A good place to look would be at the local attorney association or club. By these means you will have a few lawyers you can arrange to see face to face. When you finally meet, ask them about their previous DUI cases. From the information they give you, you will be able to see if they have what it takes to handle your case.
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It would be a waste of time to get a highly experienced lawyer but one who lacks any knowledge or expertise in the applicable local laws. It is equally important to confirm whether their license covers your area. It would be a shame from them to miss court days because of this technicality. It will help your case if the lawyer is popular and reputable in the region.
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You cannot afford to have a lawyer who glosses over the implications of such a case; get a lawyer who tells you like it is. It is rare to find DUI cases proceeding smoothly, with minimal repercussions. The trauma caused and expenses incurred could leave the people involved worse off. There shall always be a reminder of what happened. Your lawyer has to be honest with you about your chances in court. Most likely scenarios involve paying a steep fine or going to jail. A lawyer who dismisses these statistics is one you should be wary of. Get a lawyer who will tell you what is likely to happen, and how they intend to defend you. The amount of work that will go into your defense is not light or easy. They shall be working against mighty odds to try and reduce your punishment as much as possible. The large amount of work to be done is costly. Make sure you get this information from the beginning. Get a detailed and signed copy of the fee agreement. You will then know exactly how much the defense will cost you.