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Knowing More About Piqua Shawnee Tribe

In the beginning, this tribe resided in Kentucky, West Virginia, Ohio and Pennsylvania. They practiced the nomadic way of life in an effort to ensure that they were not involved in fighting. This means that they only got to establish temporary shelters as they were nomads. They made their houses, wigwams, using sheets made from the barks of trees, tree sprouts to help them with the framework and also thick grass from the bushes. The thick grass was used to cover the sides plus also the roof and its main use in addition to providing privacy was to help with the conservation of heat in the shelter.

They had no unique way of dressing as compared to the other types of Indians in the States and they, therefore, wore the same. These people earned their living through fishing, farming and hunting. Hunting was conducted by the strongest males in the clan whereas farming was done by the females who were also in charge of taking care of their homesteads when the men were away. Primarily, these individuals dealt with the farming of corn aside from the fact that they also dealt with others.

These people only got to cut their hair when they were heading for a fight and that is also the only time that they got to wipe their face paint. Of the many tribes that tried their best not to be involved in fights, this is one of them due to their love for peace, and when they were involved, it was only for the sole purpose of protecting the people that they love. They discouraged intermarriages with other tribes, even other local Indians as they wanted to keep their practices intact.

After they were done with their duties, kids were mobilized to gather around their parents or other older people in their clan to be educated more on their cultural practices. It is the education that they received in addition to being made to recognize themselves as the most looked up people that have facilitated the holding on to their culture up to now. In case it occurred that a matter was taken to the leader of a given division and the leader was not able to draw a conclusion, the matter had to go through all the hierarchy levels until it ended up in the hands of the entire clan leader.

It is important for people to familiarize themselves with the Piqua Shawnee tribe. Familiarizing themselves with these tribesmen will help them value the role that they have played in modern day history. Though they may live separately, they get in touch from time to time due to the occasions that they organize. They also have their festivities which help in uniting them and also maintaining their ties.

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