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Lime and soy sauce can cure cough

Ancient people often use natural ingredients to be used as medicine. Well, one of the most legendary is ketchup and lime. Usually one spoon of soy sauce is added with a half of lime juice, mixed well and straight drink. The effect can indeed encourage more easily sputum to be excreted.

Both of these ingredients are also used to relieve cough in young children. Unfortunately, the combination of taste and soy sauce that feels a bit strange, making the Small indirectly want to swallow it. Lime juice plus soy sauce is an herbal recipe that became the mainstay of many people to overcome cough. Actually what is the nutritious content of lime so as to overcome the cough?

Lime contains the oil of astiri and the substances that are able to control the muscles in the breathing so that the cough becomes subside. Lime is widely used as a component of herbal medicine because in ancient times lemon plants are often found in the yard.

Besides as a cough medicine, lime fruit is also efficacious as a febrifuge, constipation drugs, acne, prevent hair loss, increase appetite, overcome hoarseness, and much more. Regarding the addition of soy sauce on lemon juice, it is intended to reduce the acidity of orange juice. “Basically not nutritious soy sauce to treat the cough, its only as a preparation for lime juice can be consumed.

In addition to soy sauce, in fact many other preparations that can be used in conjunction with lime, such as sugar water, honey, or whiting. “This addition can be used to make it less acidic, and its use will not reduce the lime properties. Natural materials do provide pretty good benefits. Especially for the little guy whose body is not familiar with chemicals. So, if you do not have time to check it, treat first using natural ingredients. Only then invite the doctor to get further treatment. Hopefully useful information yes