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Danger Junk Food For Health

The Dangers of Junk Food For Health That Must Be Known. Junk foot or often known as fast food is a food that is popular today. Fast food becomes the choice of others because in addition to easy to get also more practical and quickly do not have to wait a long time, junk food itself is usually consumed by busy people who do not have much time, but junk food has also become food Favorite As a person.

Junk food is also often referred to as junk food, this is because junk food is a food that contains many calories, but very low nutrition. By consuming junk food people will not feel full, and it will cause people to overeat until finally people will have problems with weight and health. Many people ordered to avoid junk food. This is not without reason. As we know that junk food is an unhealthy food that can cause many health problems. Well talking about junk food, this time we will explain about the dangers of junk food for health include:


Adverse effects of junk food the first is causing obesity or overweight. This is because junk food is a food that contains lots of fat, salt, and calories. One serving of junk food offers so many calories, but very little nutritional value is not even there at all. Even the latest study says the main cause of obesity or overweight is junk food, and if left alone can cause high blood pressure, stroke to heart attack.


Junk food is delicious to taste just imagine who does not like pizza, sausage, bugger, fried and so forth, this is what makes many people addicted to consuming junk food. If it is addicted, it will be difficult to stop and the person will be difficult to be asked to consume nutritious foods such as vegetables or fruits.

Weakens the immune system

The habit of consuming junk food will also weaken the immune system. Junk food is a food until it has no nutritional value, so people who are accustomed to consume junk food will lack of nutrients and nutrients, consequently the immune system will decrease and the body susceptible to disease.


Junk food is a food that is difficult to digest. This causes the digestive system to go the extra mile, causing various digestive disorders such as irritable bowel syndrome and other digestive diseases. As we know, junk food contains more calories and salt than nutrients itself. When we consume fried junk food, the oil content will be stored in the wall of the stomach lining and this will increase the acid production, then the spices in it will irritate the stomach lining, causing gastric disease and inhibit the digestive system.


The habit of consuming junk food can also cause depression, especially for children and adolescents. Junk food will change hormones so children will be susceptible to changes in mood, behavior, attitudes and the possibility of adolescents suffering from depression up to 58%. To overcome this, a healthy diet is the most effective way.

Affects the performance of the brain

Junk food is also very influential on brain performance, even one week consuming junk food can trigger memory impairment in the brain. This is because trans fats in junk food will replace the healthy fats found in the brain and disrupt the normal signal mechanisms in the brain. This is also what makes people difficult to think especially students who are accustomed to consuming junk food.

 Easily tired

Accustomed to consuming junk food can also cause the body easily tired. This is because junk food is a low nutrient food, even the nutritional value is not there at all. When the reserves of nutrients in the body are empty, then you will get tired quickly.

Kidney illness

When we eat junk food will taste delicious on the tongue, but without us realize jungk food contains a lot of salt in it can increase the saliva and secretion of enzymes that increase the desire to continue to consume these foods. The content of bad fats and sodium are very high in the salt is able to disrupt the balance of sodium-potassium in the body that causes hypertension. This will disrupt the kidney who served as a filter of toxins and blood dab in the body.

Damaging the heart

Not only damage the kidneys alone, the habit of consuming junk food will also be bad for damage to the liver. This is almost the same as the result of addiction to drink alcoholic beverages. Research says, people who consume junk food and stay away from sports for 4 weeks alone will have an enzyme change in the liver. This change is similar to that experienced by alcoholics. This is due to the deposition of trans fats in the liver causing damage to the liver.

Increase the risk of diabetes

Food junk food also contains additional sugar content, this is causing the supply of sugar or glucose in the body to accumulate causing diabetes. This can be prevented by way of a healthy diet and diligent exercise.

Heart disease

The worst impact of junk food is heart disease. Junk food contains saturated fats and trans fats which will directly increase bad cholesterol (LDL) and triglycerides in the blood. This can lead to the formation of plaque in the blood vessels that cause heart disease. Besides consuming junk food can cause spike in blood sugar increased suddenly. Junk food destroys the layers of blood vessels that cause chronic inflammation. The inflammation causes bad cholesterol to stick to the walls of the arteries that block the flow of blood so that heart attacks can occur at any time.