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Cucumber Benefits for High Blood Patients

Who does not know high blood disease. High blood is a disease that affects nearly 15 million people in Indonesia and only 4 percent of which can be controlled. High blood pressure is a disease caused by blood pressure above 140 mmHg per 90 mmHg. Lifestyle, environmental factors, obesity, uncontrolled eating patterns, lack of exercise to stress became the originator of this disease. In this modern era many people want something practical and easy to get in terms of treatment. So nowadays in addition to the medicines that doctors have prescribed, more and more people are attracted to medications that come from nature. Cucumber one of them. Lately cucumbers have a special attraction associated with high blood.

High blood is one of the diseases that have dangerous risk if not well controlled. Therefore advice for checking blood pressure every two weeks is important to note. Not to mention those who are at high risk for complications of high blood disease such as stroke, coronary heart disease and other diseases related to blood vessels should be more frequent to check their blood pressure. Because of the magnitude of the risk caused by this disease should be well controlled, especially by reducing salty foods, avoid stress or exercise.

Cucumber itself is known to many people because fresh vegetables many people use cucumber into juice. Cucumbers themselves in recent years are believed to stabilize blood pressure at normal levels. Benefits of this cucumber are minerals in the form of potassium, magnesium and pospor which increase urine disposal with high water content, thus lowering blood pressure. Pottasium is mostly contained in fruits and vegetables and is very well consumed for people who have high blood.

Consuming Cucumber can also lose weight because Cucumber, which has a low caloric content and rich in fiber, able to control weight. The content of fiber in Cucumber can lower body fat and cholesterol levels and gives a glutening effect. In addition, Cucumber also contains malonic acid which can prevent blood sugar from turning into fat, so it is helpful to lose weight. There are times when cucumber tastes bitter. The bitter taste is derived from saponins, the phytochemical compounds contained in the mucus cucumber. Although bitter, saponins have the benefit of being anticancer, lowering cholesterol, and boosting the immune system.

Cucumbers are also useful for detoxification. Very high water content (up to 90 percent), makes Cucumber has a diuretic effect, helps to eliminate and neutralize toxins, and helps pour bacteria along the gut and the bladder wall. The content of water and potassium minerals in Cucumber also secretes excess uric acid and metabolic waste through the kidneys.