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Strawberry benefits for hair. Hair is one part of the body that keeps the health and beauty, because for women the hair is a crown of the head. To maintain the health and beauty of hair should be done in a routine treatment such as shampoo, creambat and even for women who have more money, they are willing to spend a lot of money to do the treatment to the hair salon to look more beautiful and healthy. But there are other alternatives to make healthy hair and beautiful naturally that is by using strawberry fruit, other than that you do not need to spend a lot of money to do the treatment to the salon or buy products hair health that the price is exorbitant.

Strawberry benefits for hair

Strawberry fruit contains vitamins, minerals, proteins, zinc and other useful content to meet the nutritional hair. Therefore, the benefits of strawberry fruit is no doubt useful in overcoming the problem of hair. Strawberry fruit has a very nutritious content in maintaining and overcoming hair health problems, including:

a. Can solve the problem of hair loss
b. Smooth and soften hair
c. Prevent and overcome the forked hair
d. Moisturizes dry hair
e. Eliminate dandruff
f. Prevent and overcome oily hair

To solve hair problems as above, you can do the following ways.

First prepare 10 pieces of strawberries that have been cooked, then puree with a blender. After that, mix with 1 tablespoon of mayonnaise and stir until evenly distributed. Then clean your hair first clean, then rinse the strawberry fruit that has been smoothed all over the hair and scalp until evenly while gently massaged. Next cover your head with a shower cap and wrap with a towel that has been soaked into warm water, then leave for 30 minutes for strawberry juice to seep into the scalp to the fullest. The next step, clean the hair with cold water until clean, then dry the hair with a towel and do not use a hair dryer. Perform this hair care regularly 2 times a week.

You can also use strawberry fruit to serve as a natural hair conditioner that efficacious. The trick is: first prepare 10 pieces of strawberries that have been cooked, then puree with a blender and add 2 tablespoons of pure honey then mix well. After that, wipe the whole hair and scalp evenly. Then let stand for 30 minutes, then rinse with water until clean. Perform this hair care routinely 2 times a week to get the most out.…

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Apparently, by eating water on an empty stomach has many benefits for the body. Have you ever felt so hungry when you woke up? If that’s what you’re experiencing, what are you looking for first? Food or water? It’s good to be more concerned with drinking water when just getting up because it is very useful for the body. Drinking water when you wake up, when the stomach is empty and has not filled anything, is one effort to make the body stay healthy and treat various diseases.

If the delicious food menu is so tempting presented in front of you when just getting up, do not rush to eat it. Drink four glasses of water first and do not rush to eat afterwards. Once the importance of drinking this water because it is proven to bring many benefits for health.

Eliminating toxins in the body

At night when resting the body repair damaged cells and expel all body toxins. In the morning when just waking up the stomach is still empty. What remains in it is the overnight poison. If you just wake up drinking white four glasses without eating anything beforehand, you will clean up all the remaining toxins in the body. In addition, new blood cells will increase and muscle cell production also increases.

Increase metabolism

You who are running a strict diet is in need of increased metabolism, at least 24 percent. If the body’s metabolism increases then affects the digestive system the better. To increase the metabolism of this body one can do with drinking water when the stomach is empty, especially when just getting up. Water that enters the body will cleanse the colon so it is easier to digest the nutrients from food that enters the body.

Prevent bladder infections and kidney stones

Bladder infections and kidney stones are certainly very dangerous and need serious treatment. But if you can have a habit of drinking water on an empty stomach, you will avoid this disease. Drinking water when the stomach in empty condition proven to dilute the acid that causes crystal  in the kidney. Therefore, it is advisable to drink plenty of water when just getting up with the recommended dose to avoid bladder infections.

Makes Skin Lighter

One of the benefits to be had if drinking plenty of water is that you will look younger. Skin moisture will remain intact with adequate water intake. Lack of fluid in the body will cause dehydration and affect the skin. Early wrinkles can occur when water shortages in the body. Meet the needs of water in the body useful to remove toxins and make the skin glowing skin.

At least, drink 500 ml of water on an empty stomach is very useful to improve blood flow in the skin and make the skin more healthy. If you want to stay healthy and keep looking young, do not forget to drink plenty of water throughout the day.…

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Simple consumption of carrot juice without any mixture is great for treating eye health. The content of pro vitamin A in carrots has tremendous benefits to prevent and treat various types of eye diseases such as nearsightedness, eye minus, cataracts, to reduce the risk of blindness.

In order not to bore the consumption of carrot juice, then there is a special recipe to make carrot juice using mixed ingredients. Variations of prescriptions presented emphasize the content of vitamins and nutrients so that it can raise the nutritional value of each processed juice. From the results of research, the body uses beta-carotene to make vitamin A and one of the foods rich in beta-carotene is carrots.

This vitamin A can help the eye organ in converting the light into a signal that can be transmitted to the brain, thanks to this aid, then one can see objects or objects in low light conditions. Twilight or known as farsightedness  is an eye disease caused by vitamin A deficiency These night blindness sufferers can not see clearly when the conditions of light minimal (dim) which generally occur at dusk. The reason for night blindness is called a farsighted chicken because the chickens have trouble seeing in the afternoon.

Consumption of regular carrot juice on a regular basis is very beneficial for people with nearsightedness or minus eyes (myopia). Medical facts say, drinking 2 glasses of carrot juice in 1 day for 1 month can increase eyesight of minus eye significantly. For those who do not have problems with the eyes, the benefits of carrot juice for the eyes is to treat the beauty of the eyeball so it looks more clear, clear, and luminous. Of course this is very supportive appearance and make you more confident when face to face with others.

Actually to take juice or vegetables will be easier and faster when using a juicer or juice extractor machine. However, if the equipment is not there, can use a blender with a little trick that is easy to do. After the ingredients are cut into pieces, the The benefits of carrots for the eyes is momentarily about 10 to 20 minutes until completely smooth. And do not forget to add enough water. Next filter the dregs produced using gauze, filter cloth or other filter tools such as coconut filter. Squeeze and press slowly so the juice can get out the maximum.