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Benefits of Vegetable Bitter gourd soup For Health And Beauty. Bitter gourd soup is one of the famous food ingredients with its bitter taste. Vegetables that are identical with this bitter taste are often avoided to be a side dish of food because it tastes bad. In fact, behind the bitter taste is stored extraordinary benefits for the health of the body to the natural beauty. Even in some other countries actually use pare as an herb with herbal medicines with optimal benefits.

Similarly, eating pare vegetables can be used as a form of traditional care that occurs consciously or not. Actually, the bitter taste in vegetable pare is stored more nutrients such as carbohydrate content, pigment and albumnoid. Each of them is a content that has extraordinary properties and is often used as a medicine. However, more often is to be used as a side dish with a bitter taste and a little savory. Even bitter taste can also be changed because of the use of other materials, so bitter can be lost. Now also been used as a bit of Bitter gourd soup chips that taste much better.

Consuming Bitter gourd soup / pariah with this bitter taste, stored many more properties that can be obtained for the body. In addition to consumed, this pare can be used as a natural beauty herb. Of the several benefits in terms of health and beauty also include:

Reduce the growth of cancer cells in the body. Bitter gourd soup is able to inhibit cancer cells that occur in the organs of the Pancreas. Because, these vegetables can have an effect on the metabolism of glucose present in the cancer. In the sense, the consumption of juice Bitter gourd soup with can inhibit the growth of cancer cells that occur in the organs of the pancreas.

 Helps a healthy diet program. In this diet program required low-calorie food menu and so on. Pare is also very suitable as an intake containing low calorie, so it is safe for those who are doing a healthy diet without raising the fat continues to grow. Even very well also to be consumed in diabetics who want to run the diet to be more smoothly.

 As an herb for diabetes. Vegetable pare has a content with the nature of hypoglycemic or the role of reducing blood sugar levels. With the intent, to consume pare is the same as applying the process of care in order to get normal blood sugar levels. Vegetable pare can work with a bitter taste as a decrease of sugar levels are more likely to rise. For that, you can consume pare as a controller as well as lowering blood sugar levels.

Relieve breathing. This shortness of breath is often troublesome breathing process in a person. Where the uncomfortable conditions can be immediately lost with bitter melon. That bitter vegetables are able to make the tasting cells in the respiratory tract to be wide open. In these conditions, the channel is wide open and the air circulation is much smoother than before.

Caring for skin beauty. Often the beauty side of a woman becomes distracted by things, such as pollution, dust to the rays of the sun. The problem makes the facial skin look much more dull and tangled, thus making the appearance to be decreased. For this problem, bitter can be used as a natural face mask, the way is to process the bitter melon and applied on the face. Bitter gourd soup can reduce the problem on facial skin and make the face look clean and fresh. Avoid and get rid of these problems naturally. That way, facial skin is always awake and still beautiful natural.

Nourish hair. Who would have thought that this one plant has a property to nourish hair. Then how to use it? Easy, a handful of Bitter gourd soup leaves washed clean. Leaves are then pounded until like porridge, add water 3/4 cup. This herb is then condensed overnight. In the morning this herb is filtered, the water is used to wash the scalp. Blacken Hair. In addition to fertilize hair, pare leaves can also be used to blacken the red hair due to frequent sun exposure or congenital birth. Take the leaves of Bitter gourd soup that is still fresh enough, then washed clean. Leaves Bitter gourd soup was pounded until smooth, then squeezed with a piece of cloth. The water is used to smear the scalp.…