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 The Benefits of Conducting Fitness for Our Body. Fitness is one of the body training activities that are now becoming increasingly popular among young people. Not only can form a fit and healthy body, it is still a lot of other benefits of fitness. Well, for those of you who like to do fitness fitness should be grateful, because with fitness many benefits and benefits that you can achieve. Curious what are the other benefits of doing fitness?

1) Treating Flu
According to a scientist at Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center in the USA said that fitness is a sport that can treat flu. So, by doing fitness exercises regularly, the flu can subside. But keep in mind you do not exercise excessive exercise because it attacks your antibodies.

2) Relieves Stress
In addition to treating flue, fitness can also relieve stress. This is because fitness can make your body muscles stretch, and make the brain and body feel fresh after completion of these fitness exercises.

3) Reduce the Risk of Diabetes and Heart Disease
One of the benefits of fitness for us is to reduce the risk of heart disease, this is due to reduced levels of low density lipoprotein cholesterol  and increased levels of high density lipoprotein cholesterol  that makes blood pressure normal. And at the same time can also reduce the risk of diabetes. Why This is because, by doing fitness the use of glucose in the body will increase. According to the survey in the field, calculated if humans do fitness for 4 months then about 23% of glucose will be reduced from the body.

Main benefits of Fitness for Men

Many proved fitness benefits for the survival of a man’s health and fitness. So, what are the main benefits of fitness for men?
Make the Body Stump
Strong body shape is a body shape that is coveted by most men. With a sturdy body, surely the appearance will be more ideal and interesting. And you guys, the most effective way to get a solid and ideal body shape is to do fitness activities.

Main Benefits Fitness for Women

Not only widely known as the sport of men, but fitness also becomes a sport that is often done by women. So, if the fitness men can form a muscle and a strong body, what fitness benefits for women? Certainly a lot. But calm down, you women will not have a muscular body like a man  even do this fitness activities. Instead of a sexy body that you will get. Want to know what fitness benefits for women? This is it

Fitness benefits for women

Slimming and Reducing Body Fat

Women who exercise fitness with dumbell and barbell lift 2 times a week for 2 months, it will produce 2 pounds of muscle in their body. But this will not make women look muscular, because the process of burning fat in women also work in unison. Approximately 3.5 pounds of burning fat from a woman’s body if you regularly exercise this one fitness. Very much not a fitness benefit for the health of a woman’s body? Hopefully this time we provide information in connection with the benefits of fitness for women useful. Good luck fitness and get results.