Benefits of Vitamin B17 for the Body

amygdaline is one of the vitamins that can be trusted to save cancer. However, this is no research with explanations and details of this vitamin is beneficial for cancer patients. Currently, we can consume vitamin B17 that has been packaged in the form of supplements and natural sources of fruits and nuts. For consumption of supplements need to consult a doctor to the dosage and appropriate use because not everyone is suited to this type of vitamin.

Vitamin B17 contains many benefits for the health of our body. Recommended daily consumption is about 100 mg / every day. However apart from the benefits that can also be generated side effects arising from this vitamin. Side effects include a headache and body become weak. To eliminate the side effects it can be neutralized by consuming lemon, orange and also wine. as for some of the benefits of vitamin B17 include:

Prevent and cancer

There is no evidence proving this vitamin alone can independently heal and cure cancer. But this vitamin has been very trusted from antiquity to eliminate and cure cancer and contain anti-cancer substances.

Lower blood pressure

taking this vitamin regularly and with high doses can lower high blood pressure. Please note the consumption of vitamin B17 especially for patients with hypertension must consult a doctor first. Because it could be with inappropriate use instead will cause harmful side effects.

Strengthen the immune system

The immune system is able to keep our body interference from outside and inside disturbances, whether it is a disturbance caused by food, drink or air that we breathe. A low immune system will cause us to get sick quickly. Vitamin B17 is able to overcome this problem because this vitamin can improve our immune system.

Reduce inflammation

When there is an inflamed body, taking vitamin B17 can reduce the pain and inflammation itself. Consuming this vitamin can increase a substance, where the substance can make white blood cells attack the disease-causing cells or cancer.

Toward PH in the body

In plain, we can not see PH changes in our bodies. Heal our body is not normally our body can experience symptoms such as organ failure until death. One way to normalize the body again is to consume this vitamin.

Thus some of the benefits of vitamin B17. Please note will consume this vitamin in the form of high-dose supplements for a consultation first to the doctor. Because the area of food with an inappropriate dose can cause side effects, ask for vomiting can even cause poisoning to cause death. To be safer can consume this vitamin from natural sources such as apricot, berry, and nuts.


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