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Benefits of Spinach for Baby


Spinach, or vegetables that have Latin name Amaranthus caudatus is one of the most popular green plants among the community. Spinach is well known for its iron content in it. One type of vegetables that come from America is also mixed in a lot of baby porridge, because it is very good for baby’s health. Ingredients in spinach such as iron, folate, vitamin A, vitamin K, calcium, magnesium, manganese and some other ingredients, are very good for infant nutrition.

Some baby pulp is added with some types of vegetables, to train babies to consume vegetables early, one of which is spinach vegetables. Not only is it an addition to making baby teams alone, but it turns out that mixing spinach in a baby porridge has some very good benefits for maintaining baby’s health. Some of the benefits of spinach for babies include:

Healthy Baby’s Skin

Spinach contains vitamin A and vitamin K in it. Vitamin K contained in spinach can help keep baby’s skin healthy. Vitamin K can help make baby’s skin protected with its nutrients, and keep baby’s skin moist.

Good For Brain Growth

The baby continues to grow and develop. Excellent nutrition and given since infancy, can affect brain growth for the baby, to be very influential when the baby is growing up. The content of folate in spinach, is very good to support the growth of infant brain and infant nutritional infant brain.

Keeping Baby’s Eye Health

Not only carrots, spinach also has vitamin A. Vitamin A in this spinach, also almost the same as in carrots. Vitamin A in spinach is very good to maintain the health of the eyes of the baby. So the baby can avoid some eye disorder problems that can affect anyone.

Maintaining the Health of the Baby Nervous System

The content of magnesium in spinach vegetables is very good for babies. The reason, magnesium can help keep the baby’s nervous conduction, so it can send impulse well. Infants who eat spinach will easily respond to surrounding stimulants. So the baby will be more competent and lively. In addition to maintaining nerve conduction, spinach can also prevent the occurrence of nervous irritability, and also prevent the occurrence of muscle rigidity in infants.

Gesturing Baby’s Digestion

Babies usually will easily experience constipation disorder, this is due to lack of fiber consumption by infants. Overcoming constipation in infants, some mothers should be sensitive by providing fiber-rich foods such as spinach vegetables in infants. Fiber in spinach is what can help smooth the baby’s digestion, So baby can avoid the problem of constipation.

Helps Bone Growth

In addition to consuming milk, calcium can also be obtained from consuming spinach. Spinach also contains good calcium for bone formation, especially for infants who are in its infancy. Babies who consume spinach early, can avoid the problem of bone loss which is currently also suffered a lot of young people.

Maintaining Baby’s Heart Health

Although infants are rarely affected by heart attacks, the baby’s heart health should also be considered. One of them by giving vegetables like spinach that contains magnesium. Magnesium is what can help maintain the baby’s heart health, and prevent the occurrence of blood clots in infants.

At the age of infants who step on 6 months, the baby will usually be easily hungry and not only consume breast milk alone. Babies need other foods like porridge, with a mixture of vegetables to keep baby’s health early. If the baby’s nutritional needs are met, then the baby will grow healthy and competent in doing its activities later until the age of adolescence, even old age.