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There are many types of milk circulating in the community, whether packaged milk or any pure fresh milk derived from animals such as goat or horse, while those derived from plant  for example are soy milk. Well on this occasion I will review a little about the benefits of cow’s milk. Cattle are one of the most frequent breeds on both small and large scale. In addition to the meat, cattle farms also aim to get milk from cows. In addition to rich benefits, cow’s milk is also more easily obtained with a price that is also cheaper.

Benefits of cow’s milk

Since the beginning of the 20th century pure cow milk has been used as part of the treatment and is referred to as the “stem cell” food and many times has been shown to help cure some serious diseases. Fresh cow’s milk also contains many nutrients that are very good for the health of the body. This pure cow’s milk is also very easy to get, many sold on the roadside at night. Or for a very fresh can be bought in the morning when the new milk is squeezed. Variations are many, not just white milk but now also available in various color variants and taste according to taste.

Benefits of Pure Milk Cow

In a glass of cow’s milk there are many vitamins such as B2 and vitamin A, as well as proteins and there are various kinds of amino acids that are essential for growth. By consuming a minimum of one glass a day, your friends will get many benefits of cow’s milk such as:

  1. The content of iodine, zinc and leticin can improve the efficiency of the brain
  2. Iron, copper, and vitamin A in cow’s milk keeps the beauty and keeps the skin shining
  3. Potassium, can keep friends from high blood diseases
  4. Vitamin B2 in cow’s milk can improve eye health
  5. zinc content in cow’s milk can help heal wounds quickly
  6. The content of magnesium in cow’s milk is beneficial to heart health and nervous system so as not to tire easily
  7. The content of tyrosine can encourage the hormones of excitement and make good sleep
  8. Calcium in cow’s milk can strengthen bones to prevent bone shrinking and fractures

    Benefits of Pure Cow Milk for Body

    Because of the many components of compounds contained in cow’s milk make cow’s milk is very beneficial to health. Benefits of cow’s milk for our body health include:

    1. Reduce the risk of colon cancer
    The natural fat component consisting of calcium and linoleic acid in dairy products is known as a protective compound from colon cancer. By regular consumption of cow’s milk can reduce the risk of colon cancer by 15

    2. Prevent heart attacks
    Calcium content in cow’s milk can also reduce the risk of heart attack by increasing good cholesterol and lowering bad cholesterol levels if consumed in sufficient quantities

    3. Optimize bone growth
    The content of calcium, protein, phosphorus and magnesium make cow’s milk is very good for child growth and maintain bone health for parents

    4. Healthy teeth
    The content of calcium and phosphorus proteins is also able to protect the enamel layer and stimulate saliva or saliva. It is useful to neutralize acid in the mouth, calcium in cow’s milk can also prevent the incidence of tooth holes

    5. Lowering blood pressure
    Cow’s milk contains calcium, potassium, and protein. Calcium is very nutritious bind and reduce the absorption of bad fats in the intestine and prevent blood pressure rise

    6. Benefits of cow’s milk to keep the skin smooth
    The content of vitamin B2 and vitamin A in cow’s milk is very useful to maintain the smoothness and moisture of the skin.

    7. Neutralize toxins in the body
    Milk itself has a very important benefit to neutralize various toxic type in the body. Therefore it is not recommended to drink milk after swallowing the medicine. This is because it will cause the drug content lost due to neutralized milk.

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Strawberry benefits for hair. Hair is one part of the body that keeps the health and beauty, because for women the hair is a crown of the head. To maintain the health and beauty of hair should be done in a routine treatment such as shampoo, creambat and even for women who have more money, they are willing to spend a lot of money to do the treatment to the hair salon to look more beautiful and healthy. But there are other alternatives to make healthy hair and beautiful naturally that is by using strawberry fruit, other than that you do not need to spend a lot of money to do the treatment to the salon or buy products hair health that the price is exorbitant.

Strawberry benefits for hair

Strawberry fruit contains vitamins, minerals, proteins, zinc and other useful content to meet the nutritional hair. Therefore, the benefits of strawberry fruit is no doubt useful in overcoming the problem of hair. Strawberry fruit has a very nutritious content in maintaining and overcoming hair health problems, including:

a. Can solve the problem of hair loss
b. Smooth and soften hair
c. Prevent and overcome the forked hair
d. Moisturizes dry hair
e. Eliminate dandruff
f. Prevent and overcome oily hair

To solve hair problems as above, you can do the following ways.

First prepare 10 pieces of strawberries that have been cooked, then puree with a blender. After that, mix with 1 tablespoon of mayonnaise and stir until evenly distributed. Then clean your hair first clean, then rinse the strawberry fruit that has been smoothed all over the hair and scalp until evenly while gently massaged. Next cover your head with a shower cap and wrap with a towel that has been soaked into warm water, then leave for 30 minutes for strawberry juice to seep into the scalp to the fullest. The next step, clean the hair with cold water until clean, then dry the hair with a towel and do not use a hair dryer. Perform this hair care regularly 2 times a week.

You can also use strawberry fruit to serve as a natural hair conditioner that efficacious. The trick is: first prepare 10 pieces of strawberries that have been cooked, then puree with a blender and add 2 tablespoons of pure honey then mix well. After that, wipe the whole hair and scalp evenly. Then let stand for 30 minutes, then rinse with water until clean. Perform this hair care routinely 2 times a week to get the most out.…

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Spa treatments are the treatment process offered by the venue or salon of the spa salon. Spa care products are the most popular in Indonesia is massage or massage. Massage care products are excellent if you want to try Spa treatments. Massage or massage itself has been there for a long time, massage treatment has been enjoyed by the nobility for thousands of years, over time, the commoners can enjoy it. There are many benefits offered by spa treatments, such as: accelerate blood circulation, detoxify or remove toxins on the surface of the skin, lose excess weight even the spa is able to relieve stress and make the mind clear again.

Spa is perfect for people who experience stress from daily activities. During the spa treatments, you will feel like tiredness is missing and relaxed, the calm atmosphere and the accompaniment of relaxing music will wipe the body tired and clear the mind. Spa treatments are very important for those who have a very high level of occupation every day. Today, there are many spa salons that open branches in an affordable place, so no need to line up, you can book first by phone. That way, when you arrive at the Spa Salon, your spa treatments will begin immediately without having to wait long and waste time.

There are many spa products in addition to the very popular massage, such as facials (face care) and body treatment (body or body treatments) such as body wrap and salt glow. In general, the spa salon also provides medicure and pedicure services. Pedicure and manicure are both nail care services, commonly used to clean and beautify your nails and fingers, the difference is a manicure is a nail care and fingers, and pedicure is a treatment for toenails and toes. In practice, pedicure and manicure treatments may not be separated, but rather serve as a package of treatments. A variety of other spa types are also available, such as Spa treatments for health, regular hair spa treatments combined with hair care, day spa treatments, massage massage treatments. Many spa salons also provide hair clippers and hairdressing products.

After trying out the usual spa treatments such as massage, you may be attracted to other slightly different types of spa treatments such as, Thai Massage, perhaps reflexology. If you have trouble choosing what Spa treatments you want to try, then you can ask the spa salon, they will help you choose which Spa treatments will best suit your wishes.

It is important to arrive early at least 15 minutes before your treatment schedule, in case you are in a hurry you will not be able to relax, even more so you have to change clothes before the treatment process. Many also have Place of care facilities that have additional facilities, such as sauna, steam bath, and hot tub. If the spa salon you visit has this facility, then come early so you can enjoy it first.

Do not forget, the most important thing is to enjoy your spa treatments, come at least 15 minutes before your spa treatment begins, so you can change clothes and relaxation. If the spa salon has sauna facilities, (steam bath), or hot tub (hot tub) then you have to arrive early in order to have time to enjoy it.Spa Care Benefits:

  • Improving psychological and psychological health
  • Smooth, rejuvenate facial and body skin
  • Slimming the body by removing excess body fat deposits
  • Overcoming stress
  • Improve blood circulation and lymph
  • Restores the vitality of organ function
  • Gives freshness and fitness
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Here are a million health benefits for the human body. Health for the human body is very abundant, health can make us more appreciate life. These benefits can be categorized into direct and indirect benefits. But of course these two types of benefits will bring a positive impact for us all.

One indirect health benefit is to clear each of our thoughts and actions and encourage us to do something positive. This benefit directly can we take as we can do daily activities with the spirit without any disturbance. Direct Health Benefits. Health benefits to the human body There are many health benefits that we get directly, but there are some of these benefits that we do not realize that we should be thankful to God for all the graces given.

Direct health benefits:

1. Reduce expenses.
This first benefit is obvious. Just imagine if you are sick would certainly cost a fair amount to go to the hospital and buy all kinds of drugs. Of course, your money will run out quickly right? So, if you maintain good health, the above will not happen to you or your family.

2. Increase the entry.
If your body is in a healthy state of course we can work totally and fresh fit to make money, this will certainly increase our income than we are sick.

3. Save time.
Why one of the health benefits is to save time? This is due to the many activities and tasks that will be delayed if we are ill. Imagine how many tasks will be delayed if we are sick and how many tasks we will do if we are healthy. Of course our time will not be wasted if in a state of sickness. But, if we are healthy, that time will be utilized properly.

Indirect Health Benefits

Besides we will get health benefits directly, we also get health benefits indirectly. Indirect health benefits are no less important than healthy benefits directly. Here are some benefits that we will get indirectly if we continue in a healthy condition.

1. Opportunity To Succeed.
Success can only be obtained by hard work and also health support to us. Our daily activities will not be disturbed if we are healthy.

2. Future Savings.
If we are healthy then we will save for our future. These savings can be either positive activities or charitable activities that we do daily. Health is the most important of all. Give priority to your health than anything else by keeping your health right and right, considering the health benefits beyond everything and more valuable than the treasures though.…

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Benefits of Vegetable Bitter gourd soup For Health And Beauty. Bitter gourd soup is one of the famous food ingredients with its bitter taste. Vegetables that are identical with this bitter taste are often avoided to be a side dish of food because it tastes bad. In fact, behind the bitter taste is stored extraordinary benefits for the health of the body to the natural beauty. Even in some other countries actually use pare as an herb with herbal medicines with optimal benefits.

Similarly, eating pare vegetables can be used as a form of traditional care that occurs consciously or not. Actually, the bitter taste in vegetable pare is stored more nutrients such as carbohydrate content, pigment and albumnoid. Each of them is a content that has extraordinary properties and is often used as a medicine. However, more often is to be used as a side dish with a bitter taste and a little savory. Even bitter taste can also be changed because of the use of other materials, so bitter can be lost. Now also been used as a bit of Bitter gourd soup chips that taste much better.

Consuming Bitter gourd soup / pariah with this bitter taste, stored many more properties that can be obtained for the body. In addition to consumed, this pare can be used as a natural beauty herb. Of the several benefits in terms of health and beauty also include:

Reduce the growth of cancer cells in the body. Bitter gourd soup is able to inhibit cancer cells that occur in the organs of the Pancreas. Because, these vegetables can have an effect on the metabolism of glucose present in the cancer. In the sense, the consumption of juice Bitter gourd soup with can inhibit the growth of cancer cells that occur in the organs of the pancreas.

 Helps a healthy diet program. In this diet program required low-calorie food menu and so on. Pare is also very suitable as an intake containing low calorie, so it is safe for those who are doing a healthy diet without raising the fat continues to grow. Even very well also to be consumed in diabetics who want to run the diet to be more smoothly.

 As an herb for diabetes. Vegetable pare has a content with the nature of hypoglycemic or the role of reducing blood sugar levels. With the intent, to consume pare is the same as applying the process of care in order to get normal blood sugar levels. Vegetable pare can work with a bitter taste as a decrease of sugar levels are more likely to rise. For that, you can consume pare as a controller as well as lowering blood sugar levels.

Relieve breathing. This shortness of breath is often troublesome breathing process in a person. Where the uncomfortable conditions can be immediately lost with bitter melon. That bitter vegetables are able to make the tasting cells in the respiratory tract to be wide open. In these conditions, the channel is wide open and the air circulation is much smoother than before.

Caring for skin beauty. Often the beauty side of a woman becomes distracted by things, such as pollution, dust to the rays of the sun. The problem makes the facial skin look much more dull and tangled, thus making the appearance to be decreased. For this problem, bitter can be used as a natural face mask, the way is to process the bitter melon and applied on the face. Bitter gourd soup can reduce the problem on facial skin and make the face look clean and fresh. Avoid and get rid of these problems naturally. That way, facial skin is always awake and still beautiful natural.

Nourish hair. Who would have thought that this one plant has a property to nourish hair. Then how to use it? Easy, a handful of Bitter gourd soup leaves washed clean. Leaves are then pounded until like porridge, add water 3/4 cup. This herb is then condensed overnight. In the morning this herb is filtered, the water is used to wash the scalp. Blacken Hair. In addition to fertilize hair, pare leaves can also be used to blacken the red hair due to frequent sun exposure or congenital birth. Take the leaves of Bitter gourd soup that is still fresh enough, then washed clean. Leaves Bitter gourd soup was pounded until smooth, then squeezed with a piece of cloth. The water is used to smear the scalp.…

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The most important of all the benefits that jogging has to offer is that it keeps you fit and healthy. Read on to find out more facts about the form of exercise. Running or jogging has attracted the attention of people all over the world. Therefore, we see marathons and road races held all over the world. Even walking and jogging is said to be the sixth most popular form of exercise in America. If so many people have taken to jogging, it just means that there are many benefits of jogging. In addition to being one of the most effective forms of aerobic exercise, it is also a good cardio-vascular exercise.

Psychological Benefits

Do you think that the benefits of jogging every day are limited only to your physical health? You are mistaken. There are also psychological benefits which are as follows: Confidence Builder: By jogging the person is able to grow stronger and stronger and overcome every trial. Belief brings with itself the feeling of empowerment as the runner knows what his body is capable of. People who lose weight because walking more confident than others can imagine.

Stress Relief: As you jog, you get time to think about life issues and you can run it over with confidence. If you have a problem that has been around for some time then you should try walking distance. When you try to run long distances, you get some time just for yourself that allows you to unclutter your mind. If you have full anger within yourself, the sprint will be able to get rid of anger and aggression. So we can claim that jogging is good for relieving stress.

Mind Training: Along with other benefits, jogging can train the good mind. When you find an obstacle on the hurdles you learn to focus on and become more and more determined. Not only will your body gain physical strength but you will also gain mental resilience. Increased Attitude: Jogging releases a hormone called endorphins, which is responsible for giving a sense of happiness or euphoria. Therefore, jogging is used as an effective tool to combat clinical depression from a very long time.

Physical benefits

Stamina Builder: It helps in building stamina. Good stamina enhances your ability to work throughout the day and also help you live an active life. Activeness depends on how fit you are. I’m sure you’ve seen how lethargic you were when you did not feel good. However, once you start jogging you will be more active and then the changes will be there for everyone to see.

Weight Loss: Are you planning to spill some rocks? Then jogging will help you achieve your weight loss goals. This will increase your metabolism and also burn some calories for you. Burn Stomach Fat: If you have tried very hard to get rid of belly fat and it does not work, then you should try jogging. Jogging is a good fat-burning exercise, which also targets belly fat for the most part, thereby reducing fat around the hips, waist and abdomen. This can be considered as one of the most effective abstract exercises for abdominal fat removal.

Increasing Appetite: Many people times who want to lose weight, complain about low appetite. People like jogging can try to increase their appetite. Now everything you eat will be used to refine and refuel your muscles, thus ending up at your lost weight. Strengthens Muscle and Bone Density: This includes strengthening the muscles and increasing the density of the spine, hips and legs. If you’ve ever seen, long distance runners even though their feet appear thin and weak looking, otherwise they are as strong as possible.

Insomniac Fights: If you have a sleep disorder, jogging will be able to help you. When you are jogging you will be able to sleep better. Disease Attacks: Jogging helps in the fight against diseases such as cancer, stroke, heart, osteoporosis, diabetes hypertension, among others, such as boosting the immune system.

Cardiovascular exercise: heart attack jogging due to strengthening of the heart and also less blood pressure. At the same time your lungs are also becoming stronger and you can inhale more oxygen, thus increasing your blood capacity to transport more of the essential nutrients for your body. For more information, you can also reduce cardiovascular exercise

The benefits of jogging in the morning are you are more likely to stick to your workout schedule if you exercise later in the day. Another benefit of jogging in the morning is you will feel less lethargic and more enthusiastic throughout the day. Research has shown people who exercise in the morning with their exercise schedule people who are exercising every other time. You will be able to save money, which you will spend in the gym. So …

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Apparently, by eating water on an empty stomach has many benefits for the body. Have you ever felt so hungry when you woke up? If that’s what you’re experiencing, what are you looking for first? Food or water? It’s good to be more concerned with drinking water when just getting up because it is very useful for the body. Drinking water when you wake up, when the stomach is empty and has not filled anything, is one effort to make the body stay healthy and treat various diseases.

If the delicious food menu is so tempting presented in front of you when just getting up, do not rush to eat it. Drink four glasses of water first and do not rush to eat afterwards. Once the importance of drinking this water because it is proven to bring many benefits for health.

Eliminating toxins in the body

At night when resting the body repair damaged cells and expel all body toxins. In the morning when just waking up the stomach is still empty. What remains in it is the overnight poison. If you just wake up drinking white four glasses without eating anything beforehand, you will clean up all the remaining toxins in the body. In addition, new blood cells will increase and muscle cell production also increases.

Increase metabolism

You who are running a strict diet is in need of increased metabolism, at least 24 percent. If the body’s metabolism increases then affects the digestive system the better. To increase the metabolism of this body one can do with drinking water when the stomach is empty, especially when just getting up. Water that enters the body will cleanse the colon so it is easier to digest the nutrients from food that enters the body.

Prevent bladder infections and kidney stones

Bladder infections and kidney stones are certainly very dangerous and need serious treatment. But if you can have a habit of drinking water on an empty stomach, you will avoid this disease. Drinking water when the stomach in empty condition proven to dilute the acid that causes crystal  in the kidney. Therefore, it is advisable to drink plenty of water when just getting up with the recommended dose to avoid bladder infections.

Makes Skin Lighter

One of the benefits to be had if drinking plenty of water is that you will look younger. Skin moisture will remain intact with adequate water intake. Lack of fluid in the body will cause dehydration and affect the skin. Early wrinkles can occur when water shortages in the body. Meet the needs of water in the body useful to remove toxins and make the skin glowing skin.

At least, drink 500 ml of water on an empty stomach is very useful to improve blood flow in the skin and make the skin more healthy. If you want to stay healthy and keep looking young, do not forget to drink plenty of water throughout the day.…